X Investment Initiative FR

This is an initiative that is still being defined and tailored. Its goal is to make general investments opportunities accessible to us by simply investing together, as a group.

Now, of course this is not just done in the wind or based on verbal accords. A legal entity has to be created, bylaws have to be written, agreed upon and signed. A few other processes and tools also have to be implemented with the intention of achieving the easiest money management possible with maximum transparency.

As all of us are aware, an investment comes with a risk and we want to minimize that at least for our first investment. That’s why, it has been decided that our very first investment would be in real estate. The process is simple: we come as a group, we put our assets together and we acquire a real estate good. Once that good generates enough profits, we decide on where to invest next, whatever the domain. The goal is to reach a minimum amount of $60,000 after a 6 months period from the day the initiative becomes a real project.

You’re reading this message because you’re a good friend and we want you to be part of this initiative. Before starting the execution phase, we’ll meet with all the interested parties and establish the basics. If you’re interested, leave your email, you’ll received shortly the invitation to our very first meeting.